Summer 2021

Game Plan:

Partners. Grassroots. Pipelines.

Field hockey is for everyone.  Let’s change the view of growth from a linear pipeline to an interconnected circle of growth and renewal to include everyone.

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Anyone. Any level. Any capacity.

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Clubs operate as pipeline partners. Your role is to help staff and support grassroots sites, engage in our diversity and inclusion training run by Imani from Sistas with Stix, and commit club scholarships to GGG participants. Ultimately, you are promoting accessibility and sustainability by providing a field hockey home beyond the grassroots program. We understand that each club's capacity to impact varies. Email us to learn how your club can join this campaign and make a difference. 


Colleges operate as a foundation partner. Your team commits to fundraising (which covers the cost of your sponsored site), hosting equipment drives, and organizing letter writing campaigns to motivate and engage with GGG players.


  1. Adults- Use your network to promote the GGG campaign, consider coaching at a grassroots site, and donate to  this campaign 
  2. College- Talk to your coach about being a foundation partner, consider coaching at a grassroots site near you, or reach out to your former club and invite them to become a pipeline partner.
  3. Youth- Already a player? Make a new friend by inviting them to join a GGG grassroots site. Our goal is to make our sport as colorful as possible, so invite someone who's background is different than your own. Do you play for a club? Talk to your coach about becoming a pipeline partner.


Sponsorships- Join AstroTurf and other sponsors in supporting the GGG campaign. Please email us to learn the benefits of partnering with us. 

Charitable donation- If your organization is looking to make a charitable gift, please email us to get started. Gifts will be made through The So Sports Foundation, a registered nonprofit. 


There is a role for everyone. Whether you are an umpire, spectator, coach, or friend of the game. Start by sharing the Growing the Greatest Game campaign with friends and family and then fill out the contact form. We will be in touch shortly.


Giving. Guiding. Growing.

Make an impact right now by donating. 

Why partner?

Give back to the sport, build strong community ties, and establish a reputable youth program. Simultaneously mentor young athletes, serve charitable efforts, and provide access to all which enables a more diverse sport where all people feel welcomed. 

Why sponsor?

Sponsors have an enviable opportunity for simultaneous, prolonged exposure in multiple states. Sponsors can expect to reach communities and groups from various backgrounds.  This tax deductible gift will benefit the entire field hockey community.

Measuring Growth

participation, partnerships, and pipelines. 

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Inviting new players to try out the sport and growing diversity.

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Foundation Partners

Colleges and programs will assist with equipment and coaching (if feasable). 

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Pipeline Partners

From grassroots introductions to sustained participation.

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